Improvisation Works
What is Improvisation Works?
Improvisation Works is many things: a process, a
communication model, an organizational
development tool, and a technique for managing
change.  At its most fundamental level, it is an
unrehearsed exploration of group dynamics,
communication, situations and leadership.  Through
specific exercises and activities custom-designed for
each group,
Improvisation Works teaches individuals
and groups to think quickly, delight in change, and
respond creatively to new situations and
An innovative approach to building teams,
embracing change, and fostering creativity
Who Can Benefit?
Improvisation Works is appropriate for a wide
variety of work groups, including managers and
executive staff, direct service and support staff,
public relations and outreach workers, coalitions,
board members and volunteers.  Our
custom-designed improvisational workshops can
invigorate and inspire staff retreats, strategic planning
meetings, and other organizational gatherings.  
Improvisation Works will increase your personnel's
capacity for flexibility, creativity and growth.  And
they'll enjoy themselves and experience a wonderful
sense of team building in the process.

Why Improvise?

It won't work . . .
We can't do it . . .
This is the way we've always
done it . . .

Be Ready for Change!
Improvisation Works Leader
Marian Wolfsun is a senior consulting partner with
Meridian Consulting and has a strong background in
management and training.  She has supervised
hundreds of staff and specializes in quality client
services, progressive program design, organizational
re-structuring and unifying management and staff
teams.  Marian's 25 years of management experience
combined with her improvisational theater
background results in a unique and remarkably
effective approach.  She brings to her work a
dramatic flair, a sense of humor, and an extensive
understanding of how different organizations
operate and evolve.
Our Approach
  • We believe that all participants should completely
    enjoy the experience.
  • Settings are supportive, comfortable and relaxed.
  • Exercises are experiential and highly interactive,
    providing maximum opportunities for skill
    building and professional development.
  • We focus on team building and fostering flexibility,
    creativity and growth.
It's human nature to become
comfortable with set patterns and
ways of doing things.  We all have
the tendency to cling to the
established and familiar.  Let's face
it - change can feel threatening
and unsettling.

Fast-paced and competitive times
require that organizations
continually re-invent themselves
simply to survive.  Even the most
well-planned strategies require us
to improvise regularly and often.

Competition, downsizing and
reorganization are constant
features of today's workplace.  
Plans do not go according to  
predictions, resources become
depleted, and long-held ideas are
challenged by new data and
circumstances.  We must exhibit
the essential ability to improvise
or our plans will fail.  And
Improvisation Works can make
the difference for your group.