Established in 1995, Meridian Consulting is a full-service firm offering
a broad range of management, training and technical assistance
services.  Our clients include social services, health, arts and culture,
and educational organizations and private foundations.  Our consulting
experience ranges from managing smaller projects to coordinating
complex initiatives with multiple partners, coalitions, and regional,
national, and international alliances.  In each relationship, we strive to
work collaboratively, in a style that is dynamic and creative.

senior consultants, Sharon Vardatira and Marian Wolfsun, each
bring over 27 years of experience in their respective fields, and our
support staff provide additional expertise in data analysis, grant
writing, and evaluation.  

Our clients work in a wide variety of disciplines and service areas,
  • Health care and clinical services
  • Youth development/youth services
  • Workforce development
  • HIV/AIDS services
  • Arts (visual, theater and music)
  • Community development/community organizing
  • Early childhood education
  • 12-K education/school support services
  • Elder care/elder services
  • Substance abuse prevention/intervention
  • Programming for individuals (youth and adults) with physical,
    developmental and learning disabilities
  • Pregnant and parenting teen services
  • Adult education/adult and family literacy
  • Mental health advocacy and services
  • Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender services/advocacy
  • Higher education
  • Cross-border community organizing/international relations
  • National and international peace/dialogue
  • Domestic violence/sexual assault
  • Family planning
  • Diversity/tolerance education
  • Social change/social justice

In helping agencies achieve their vision and goals, we form a
partnership fueled by our mutual and passionate commitment to
social services and social change.  Meridian Consulting has earned a
reputation for creativity, excellence and practical, hands-on
approaches.  Almost all of our clients learn about us through
recommendations from other clients.    
About Meridian Consulting
I especially appreciate
your professionalism,
creativity and
efficiency.  I would
highly recommend
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Sonja Larson
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