Strategic Planning
Meridian Consulting works with participants to develop a framework
within which the organization and its key stakeholders can exercise
their shared responsibility for shaping the future of the organization.  
Meridian’s customized five-phase process focuses on the future within
the context of an ever-changing environment.     

Fund Development
Meridian Consulting offers training and services to help non-profits
diversify income and maximize fundraising efforts.  These services
include generating: development plans; private and public grant
proposals; direct mail appeals; requests for corporate support; and
fundraising strategies for Boards.  Meridian Consulting also supports
fund development through prospect research, grant review, and grant
evaluation and editing.  Writing samples available on request.

Program Evaluation, Needs Assessment and Outcome
We provide third-party evaluation services for a wide variety of non-
profit agencies and educational programs.  Evaluation design
supports a continuous improvement approach and focuses on the
integration of both formative and summative information through
ongoing observation of all aspects of implementation, data
compilation, and linkages of data elements to evaluation questions.  
We have extensive experience in the design and implementation of
customized research projects including needs assessment and policy

Efficiency and Productivity
Meridian Consulting provides program assessment, comprehensive
technical assistance, tools and expert guidance as you develop and/or
implement new programs, integrate and/or expand existing programs,
or re-engineer processes and streamline systems.  We can help you
examine client satisfaction, track and analyze service and system
provision, and increase staff and program productivity and efficiency.

Human Resources, Supervision and Professional Coaching
We provide technical assistance related to interviewing,
hiring/orienting new staff, developing job descriptions, formal
observation, personnel appraisals, and giving critical feedback.  We
also assist in developing performance standards and personnel
procedures.  Confidential, expert and supportive coaching is provided
for all levels of supervisory staff.  For more information, click here.

Editing & Technical Writing
Meridian Consulting offers proven experience in technical writing, copy
editing, speech writing, and third party documentation.  Clients have
used our products for web sites, public relations materials and federal
reporting.  We also analyze and prepare research findings and
program evaluations for formal publication.   

Professional Development
We provide customized trainings, webinars, conference workshops,
and seminars on a wide range of topics.  For more information,
Capacity Building Services
Your grant was absolutely
fantastic - you're such a
pro. I feel there are few
people in the world who
really understand the
ramifications of all of the
work I do and you are one
 of them. In fact, I think
you say what I think and
do better than I say it
myself!  Many thanks, and
hats off to you.
Jane Wholey
Kids Rethink
   New Orleans Schools
On Grantwriting
Thank you for being so
fabulous and prepared
today in the meeting with
our federal funder. They
were raving about your
evaluation afterwards and
were seriously
impressed! The whole
site visit was outstanding
and we are all thrilled with
how happy they were
when they left.
Heidi Thomson
                    Girls Inc.
               Holyoke, MA
On Evaluation